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Post  Tofuuuu on Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:34 pm

Posted by [JM]Panty
Hai hello holla aloha

I've volunteered to help with the forum design incase you're wondering what I'm doing here!

So far I've been looking around and thinking about making it a simple, clean and easy to use forum.
As for colors, I suggest it being a bit dark to make it easier on everyone's eyes, while still keeping it a lil bit colorful so it doesn't look totaly dark and depressing.

While searching I found these example:

1. Example: Click me!
Codes: Le codes

2. Example: Click me!!
Codes: Moar codes

3. Example: Click me!!!
Codes: And moar codes

My preference so far goes to the 3rd, but bear in mind these aren't the only possibilities or else there was no point in this thread!

Also I'll leave here a link to 2 old forums I made, see if you like'em!
[JM] Forum
PubStarZ Forum

Opinions please, me wants them!

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