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February 2019

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Story - Changed completely!

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Story - Changed completely!

Post  Aybrie on Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:02 pm

Instead of making a whole new post or whatever for this, I'm just gunna edit this one, but anyway. I changed the story completely. Scenery, time, the characters, EVERYTHING is changed, and if I say so myself I put a lot of thought into this and I think it will be so much better now. Everything will flow better and it just.. is better!

So. I'm actually knocking the questions out, so your questions have almost become useless to me besides apperance. (Sorry!)

So the new questions are:

What hair color would you have?
Eye color?
Glasses or no glasses?

Without the backround stuff or job stuff or anything. Sorry again.

Trust me when I say the story is a lot better now. [:

My blog to keep everyone updated on the making of my story! (And other projects)

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