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How to upload/post images

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How to upload/post images Empty How to upload/post images

Post  [JM]Panty on Wed Jan 25, 2012 10:08 pm

This is my brief guide to uploading images, This is the way i do it, you may find an easier way yourself but for someone who does not know how this should be pretty straight forward.

1. You have an image on your PC you want to show in the forum, Firstly go to IMAGESHACK, You will be presented with the page below.

How to upload/post images 1234q

2. Now click Browse and find the image on your PC, Here you can also resize the image, If it is a large image i would recommend resizing to 800x600 to fit the forum better. Once you have done this hit the "Start Upload" button, Wait and you will be taken to another screen as bellow, once there click on the image.

How to upload/post images Image2lcl

3. You will now be taken to another screen like the one bellow, here right click on the image and select properties, and a small box will open, copy the location URL.

How to upload/post images Image2mxg

4. Now come to the forum and write your post as normal, When you get to the bit where you want to add the image click the image icon as shown in the image bellow and paste the URl into that box.

How to upload/post images 38306709

That should be it, If you have any problems please let me know and i will help you where i can. Hope this helps.

PS.: while the pics from imageshack are from the old version the proccess is still the same.

How to upload/post images Lotrcatapult

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