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Community Guidelines - Must Read!

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Community Guidelines - Must Read! Empty Community Guidelines - Must Read!

Post  Pringer X on Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:30 am

Welcome everyone who are visiting our community! Everyone who are a part of our community should try to join in on the conversations and enjoy themselves while here. Although the guild is very laid back and pretty calm, we still have some guidelines for everyone to follow.

Forum Guidelines

  • Speak English: The last thing we need on the forum is have one topic be in Spanish, then another in Russian, then one in French, and etc, so keep all of the posts in English only! If anyone wishes to speak in a different language, limit it to private messages only!

  • No Obscene Content: Please refrain from posting any overly graphic material. This means no pornography or material with gratuitous violence.

  • No Illegal Material: Do not distribute any hacks, roms, torrents, cracks, and etc.

  • No Insults: While some may disagree with some opinions out there, but refrain from insulting others about their posts.

  • Watch your language: I don't mind if anyone occasionally posts the F-word or whatever, but don't turn a post into a rap song full of only cursing.

  • Be Respectful: If anyone has issues with one another, please try to resolve it between each other. If worse comes to worst, then please contact one of the staff and we'll try to resolve the issue to the best of our abilities.

In Game Guidelines

  • Follow Preset In Game Rules: Some obvious things, do not hack or glitch, and follow the rules provided by ntreev/gamerage. You are representing our guild. We don't want to send out a negative message to people about who we are and what we are about!

  • English Only: You are only allowed to speak English in guild chat. If you want to speak in a different language, please take that to a whisper or room, don't bring it into guild chat.

  • STAY DRAMA FREE: This is my main concern and worry for the guild is that people will somehow bring drama/create drama. Nobody is perfect and we need to accept each others flaws instead of bicker.

  • Watch What You Say: For language/cussing/cursing, whatever you want to call it, do it at your own risk. People might or might not report you, yada yada. I understand that everyone cusses, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's not needed for the situation. Try to refrain from being a sailor. If I see a pattern of someone repeatedly cussing.. well.. I did say do it at your own risk.

Failure to comply with forum rules will result in warnings on the forum. Consistent warnings on the forum will result in a ban from the forum. Problematic offenders of in game rules will result in a kick from the guild in game. Thanks for following the rules and be sure to enjoy yourselves in our community!

Community Guidelines - Must Read! EnkerrightCommunity Guidelines - Must Read! Mvc3trollteamsigCommunity Guidelines - Must Read! Enker
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